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Curtiss P-40B, a Pearl Harbour attack survivor, at age 80 serves as a tangible reminder of the ‘Day of Infamy’

American WW2 volunteers belatedly receive some U.S. Government recognition

WW II ace Richard Asbury reminisces about military career

“High Flight”: A 75th anniversary tribute to the sonnet’s RCAF composer

Lon Cooper recalls WWII Civilian Pilot Training Programme

Piper L-4 pilot Bruce Gale recalls WW2 artillery spotting

Ercoupes Still Flying for Uncle Sam!

The ERCO Ercoupe’s military legacies

Bomber Command Museum of Canada donates to International Bomber Command Centre

Dive-bombing bridges over the Kwai river

Doug Canning recalls Guadalcanal air war

Avro Lancasters over Lincolnshire

A (Fairey) Swordfish tale on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbour attack

Commemorative Air Force colonel donates WW2 RCAF New Testament to Bomber Command Museum of Canada

Legendary flier Howie Keefe recalls military career

Czech Zlin Bestmann evokes mixed emotions

A retrospective: Bomber Command’s Browning .303-calibre Mark II machine gun

P-47 ‘Hell Hawk’ pilot William McChesney recalls D-Day and operations over France

Second Infantry Division veteran recalls D-Day and liberation

Finnish ace Heimo Lampi remembered by daughter Marja

Canadair (F-86) Sabre ‘Hawk One’ shows Canadian and RCAF pride

B-25 Apache Princess dwells in the land of the Seminoles

Edward Logan recalls B-17 bombings of Frostproof, Florida

“Turkey” (TBM Avenger) takes wing on Thanksgiving

Tuskegee Airmen speak at Fantasy of Flight

Tuskegee airman George Hardy recalls military career

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