RCAF & RAF-Americans


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Former Royal Canadian Air Force Fleet Finch to join active Commemorative Air Force inventory in 2022

The WW2 ‘Allied Rift on Strategic Bombing’, Halifaxes and RCAF-Americans

Peter Frampton, Spitfires, Kittyhawks, Mustangs and RCAF-American Fred Vance

H.R. 1709 (117th Congress): Supporting and Documenting the Text

Buffalo Airways’ overlooked C-47/Dakota and the forgotten veterans

Ed Tracey: RCAF-American WW2 flight instructor and USAAF fighter pilot

Former Royal Canadian Navy Grumman Avenger spotlighted

On Eagles’ Wings: NORAD at age 60 and the enduring RCAF and USAF partnership

CAF Alaska Wing Harvard honors WWII RCAF-Americans and Canadian defenders of Alaska

Congressman Tim Ryan seeks to honor overlooked WW2 veterans

Colorado Aviation Historical Society honors state’s WWII RCAF and RAF volunteers

RAF-American Don Gentile cited in Congressional Gold Medal ‘Dear Colleague’ letter

Florida’s WW2 RCAF and RAF veterans honored at ceremonies

Americans in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War 2

Texans in the Royal Canadian Air Force

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